Fresh Terms of Service

1. Legal Status
Fresh Data is an application created by QUANTUM MARKETING, located and incorporated in San Luis Potosi, S.L.P, Mexico and managed by Geosinte SA de CV located and incorporated in Monterrey, NL, Mexico.
2. The App
Fresh Data is a web- and Smartphone-based platform, which provides mapped information about the availability of local and organic products. The information available on the Fresh Data App is generated either through user profiles online, or through an Admin. Fresh Data uses the real time location of users to recommend nearby places and products.
3. Contact
For any questions or requests concerning the Fresh Data App, including reports of inappropriate content or content of an illicit nature, users can email:
4. Agreement to Terms of Service to the App
Use of the app is granted only by agreeing to the terms specified in this document (hereafter called “conditions”). Geosinte SA de CV retains the right to modify these terms at any moment on the downloaded platform and on the official website. Users may be notified of these changes by email, or consult these terms in their latest version posted at The use of certain services provided by Fresh Data may require to respect additional conduct rules specified and indicated on the website or app. The general conditions will be updated upon launch of any additional services and conditions, and agreement to the updated conditions continues to be a prerequisite for use of the app.
5. Management
Fresh Data can allow, interrupt or limit access to certain users, as well as delete any information that disturbs the proper function of our application, or that does not follow a certain law or laws internationally.
6.Service for users
In order to access the features of the Fresh Data App, new users must first go through an initial sign up. This registration and access to the application are reserved to physical or moral persons. Upon registration the new user will submit personal information to T-IL, either through an email address or Facebook.
Account Deletion
Users can request a full deletion of their account and personal information by sending a written request with specific information to: Deletion of the application does not guarantee full deletion of personal information from the Fresh Data database. Deletion of the account will be effective hours after this e-mail has been received. Deletion is permanent and if the user wishes to regain access to Fresh Data, a new account must be created.
7. Responsibilities
Fresh Data does not exert any control over the data, sites and resources uploaded by users of the web-based platform. Fresh Data is not responsible for the accuracy of these sites and cannot claim any responsibility of the content, publicity, products, services or any other material which these sources provide. Fresh Data cannot be held responsible for damages or losses that are procured resulting from the use of our software or information contained within that may lead to a third-party source.
8. Data Collection
Information regarding the collection of data is explained in our Privacy Policy
9. Cookies
Information regarding cookies is explained in our Privacy Policy
10. Intellectual Property
All information, logos, designs, brands, models, slogans, etc. that are presented on Fresh are protected by intellectual property rights. All elements in our website are also protected and trademarked by Geosinte SA de CV. Unless explicitly authorized by Geosinte SA de CV, you are not authorized to modify, reproduce, rent, borrow, sell or distribute works derived from or based fully or partially on elements displayed in our site or application. It is forbidden to copy, modify, derivate, conceive or assemble the source code, attributes or licences used by Fresh Data.
11. Applicable law and jurisdiction
These general terms of service are regulated by Mexican law. Any conflict or litigation will be submitted to the exclusive competence of tribunals in Mexico.